Welcome To The Driver Awareness Program (D.A.P.)

Driver Awareness Program, or D.A.P., is a unique seminar that introduces several ponis specifically customized for company drivers. To put it simply, some drivers are unaware of the destructive effects caused by their lack of knowledge. Transportation Companies who’s drivers are unaware of certain safety principals often suffer from high operating costs or can even develope a negative public image over time.

Our Driver Awareness Program offers a solution to these problems by focusing on the remedy: the DRIVER. The Driver is the vital connection between the company and the client, and is the one who’s hands are on the wheel; transporting YOUR paying clientele on YOUR Commercial Vehicle.

Our Driver Awareness Program has proven to specifically cut company costs. By applying the principles of this seminar in a real-life situation, Campus Coach Lines improved dramatically by simultaneously spending less money on operational costs while becoming more reputable.

Contact D.A.P. immediately to arrange a seminar introducing this vital method of transportation improvement. You will quickly notice that YOUR Drivers have LESS ACCIDENTS by operating your equipment with more care. You can contact us at (917) 709-0664 or DriverAwareness@aol.com .

What Is The Driver Awareness Program?

The Driver Awareness Program is one of the most innovative and informative programs ever designed for commercial drivers. D.A.P.’s primary objective is to target the bus driver’s operation of a motor coach on a line run service or charter service.  The objective is very simply to make the driver aware of necessary factors that a driver is simply unaware of. These factors range include the management of operational equipment, driver appearance, and actual driving techniques. The goal is to achieve these following three results:

    1. Reduce accidents
    2. Reduce vehicle maintenance costs
    3. Satisfy passengers

By achieving these three Driver Awareness Program goals, your company will notice:

    1. Significant decreases in spending otherwise required due to tire damage, fuel consumption, and brake or steering fatigue.
    2. Less insurance claims
    3. Less body damage
    4. Increase in specific driver request
    5. Increase in gratuities
All of these benefits are a result of the information provided by this unique program, D.A.P.